Garda Lake Italy Tourism and travel
Garda Lake Italy Tourism and travel


Lake Garda is the most important European lake, and it has always been a renowned tourist area.

The land is characterised by two colours that give a feeling of joy and peace: blue as the waters illuminated by the sun, and green as the gentle hills surrounding the lake. Thanks to the lake’s mediterranean climate, plants and flowers flourish everywhere: vines, bougainvillae, lemon groves, olive trees.

Apart from its clear waters, the lake has plenty to offer: art (the Vittoriale museum, the Art Nouveau villas), entertainment (water parks, concerts, shows, live clubs), nature (the lemon gardens, natural parks), sports (sailing, windsurf, water ski, canyoning, rafting, paragliding, trekking, mountaineering, climbing), shopping in the elegant boutiques of the lake promenades.

Three beautiful golf courses are available on the western coast, and are renowned all over Europe. Spas and top-quality wellness centres are also very well known.
Lake Garda is worth a visit also for its typical products such as wine (high-quality red and white wines such as Groppello, Lugana and Garda Classico), extra-virgin olive oil, and delicious traditional dishes based o­n lake fish and spits.

Worldwide famous painters, writers and artists like Goethe, D’Annunzio, Ibsen and Lawrence lived here and from the harmony of the lake drew inspiration for some of their important works.

On the Garda Lake we have more than 1,200 hotels, 1,024 restaurants, 410 pizza-restaurants, 480 bars, 22 discotheques, 206 campings and 60 holiday farms.

Tourism in Italy on the Garda Lake and Lombardy

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