• E' Vero, E' Vero Senza Errore, E' Certo E' Verissimo: Cio' Che E' In Alto E' Come Cio' Che E' In Basso, E Cio' Che E' In Basso E' Come Cio' Che E' In Alto, Per Fare Il Miracolo Della Cosa Unica.~Ermete TrismegistoTweet

Christmas quotes

The purpose and cause of the incarnation was that He might illuminate the world by His wisdom and excite it to the love of Himself. Peter Abelard A woman spent all Christmas Day in a telephone box without ringing anyone. If someone comes to phone, she leaves the box, then … Continue reading

Thoughts on Shakespeare

Thoughts and reflections on William Shakespeare

The most sensible people to be met with in society are men of business and of the world, who argue from what they see and know, instead of spinning cobweb distinctions of what things ought to be. Women have often more of what is called good sense then men. They … Continue reading

John Florio biography

John Florio portrait and short biography

Forgive thy friends: they would, but cannot praise, inough’ the wit, art, language of thy PLAYES: forgive thy foes; they will not praise thee. Why? Thy Fate hath thought it best, they should envy. Faith, for thy FOXES sake, forgive them those who are not worthy to be friends, nor … Continue reading

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