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Daimon Club Organization

Daimon Club Organization
Daimon Club Organization

Daimon Club International. It’s the Surrealistic and Eclectic site of the Daimon Club Association founded by Carl William Brown. Here you can promote and divulge any sort of art, business or activity.

My dear friends, welcome to the Daimon Club fantastic and eclectic world. One of the most sincere outpost where you will be able to meet the surrealistic inheritance. (To read more about surrealism) But first of all let me tell  you what kind of place you have just got in. As a matter of fact our club it’s a cultural association founded in 1997 by Carl William Brown in order to promote his literary works, but it’s not just that. It’s also a virtual meeting place made up by more than seven hundred pages, concerning almost every sort of subject.

Our native place is in Brescia, a town situated in the north of Italy, precisely near the Lake of Garda, one of the largest lake in Lombardia. Of course Italian is our mother tongue but since we are perfectly conscious of the importance of the english language we have decided to translate several parts of our site, but unfortunately not everything; it would be too much expensive for us, also because our association is composed by ten web site put together!

So in this introduction I am going to tell you why we decided to call our association “Daimon Club”  and how our web site is structured. Let’s start from the name “Daimon” that has a greek origin and means “genius” or “spirit”. It was a kind of personal guide which used to talk to a person in his dreams. Most famous in the western history is the Socratic Daimon, and so we picked up that name because we intended to create a community of persons who wanted to develop their artistic and  intellectual knowledge following the spirit of the new born internet world.

Our main goal is that of improving our communication abilities, since we believe that the real essence of the web is that of linking together all the best human resources in order to struggle to create a better world to live in. So we decided to put together our forces and began to create our house on the web. Surrealism is the other strong idea that portrays our club, in fact we think that this philosophy of life is the only one which can give a balanced importance to every aspect of our complex society.


So if you are a creative mind and want to give your personal contribution to the improvement of our planet and if you want to travel, to meet interesting, good and nice people and do also some useful job of promotion both in internet and on the place join us at we are waiting for you.
Here you will find friends, music, animations, art, travels, promotions, vacations, brilliant, interesting and genial people ready to collaborate in order to improve the creativity of all and if possible the entire life and societies on this planet.

Daimon Club Association
Daimon Club Association

Company Overview

It’s the Daimon Club site, our cultural, eclectic and surrealistic non-profit organization. Here you will find our statute, our history, our marketing strategy, the answers to your questions and your curiosities, our original techniques of communication and our legacies! You will also find the principles that have inspired our feelings and our philosophy, a homage to the surrealist and dadaist artistic avant-garde, and to end our spiritual and literary manifesto. Unfortunately most of the pages are in italian, and you will have to trust our small introduction and go straight ahead if you want to join us! See you soon!!


Art is life and life is art. So beauty is art, that is life, that is a form of genius. Therefore we can conclude that genius is art, life and beauty. Carl William Brown and the Daimon Club.
Our goal is to meet always new genial ingeniuos people and artistic, brilliant, inspired friends to improve ourselves and the others in order to live a better life in an exciting and peaceful world.

General Information

Each life is formed by its unique image, an image that is the essence of that life and calls it to a destiny. As the force of fate, this image acts as a personal daimon, an accompanying guide who remembers your calling.
James Hillman

We rise by lifting others.
Robert Ingersoll

Another fundamental aspect of our organization is that we want to put together persons of different ideologies and different status, just because we think that we can improve ourselves discussing with other people and not avoiding to hear other opinions and ideas. That’s why we created our club, and that’s why we decided to give some opportunities to each member of it to promote and to support his ideas and his conception of life.

During the last years we succeeded in enrolling different artists and so our website has had more than 90,000,000 impressions. Now we are looking forward to develop our ideas and our initiatives, and that’s why we hope to meet new friends! Of course we would like to meet nice people who want to teach and are eager to learn from the whole human experience, in a few words we want to meet people who like freedom and want to fight against vanity and stupidity in order to create a more equal and happy world to live in. So if you are a collaborative spirit, join us and improve your own daimon!

Now we are concluding this short introduction and we hope you are going to visit our creation, also because you will find a lot of interesting things. At the same time we would like you to join us, because we always need to learn from other people, and we always need to meet new friends. Bye, bye and see you soon. Carl William Brown and the Daimon Club

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Daimon Club Projects

Daimon Club Project

a) try to support and promote scientific research in general.

b) take actions to improve the media environment and encourage reading in general.

c) spread the English language and creative thinking.

d) support campaigns against HIV virus and AIDS.

e) raise awareness on the issues of third world.

f) The International Daimon Directory Project, it will include all websites that have something to do with the concept of Daimon Creativity and its origins. This idea is a Very original one powered by Carl William Brown, the unique, real and mythical literary revenger.

g) encourage DIALOGUE between the two cultures, humanities and science, to improve the logic of research.

h) support the campaign “noexcuse” for a better world.

i) support the campaign against the polio virus.

l) support and expand the sharing of knowledge and develop the copyleft philosophy.

m) promote a cultural environment to sustain energy conservation and clean green energy.

n) a project that provides cultural support to one of the most prestigious American foundations (the Soros Foundation).

o) and last but not least, create an international operating center for the Daimon Club Organization.

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Daimon Club Services

a) Cultural researches in general and cooperations of literary, linguistic and advertising kind.

b) Free Exchange of promotional links and banners with graphic advices for their realization.

c) Websites reports for useful, effective, economic and funny internet navigation.

d) Studying; teaching; application; promotion and spreading of the Daimonological method.

e) Various consultations to realize a dominion with relative space to the cheapest price in the net.

f) Advices for the realization of promotional web pages of great quality, blogs and social networks best usage for our sponsors.

g) Translations and consultations about marketing strategies for the affiliates to our circuit and the partners of the club

h) Spreading of new cultural proposals and promotion of original and provocative ideas.

i) Organization of cultural events in order to spread the struggle against stupidity.

j) Contacts between people of different culture, of different nationality and economic different extraction.


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We believe, in fact, as the great innovators of the technological and commercial philosophy of the network also maintain, that the world of business in its profound essence is fundamentally human, and that technology without aesthetics does not interest anyone in the long run. The true language of commerce. after all it is the natural conversation between human beings.
Carl William Brown

Cooperation is the common effort of a group for their mutual benefit. Cooperation is teamwork. Cooperation is working together peacefully.
Carl William Brown

Friendship is essentially a partnership.

The basis of our partnership strategy and our partnership approach: we build the social technology. They provide the music.
Mark Zuckerberg

A good partnership must be useful and profitable not only for the different involved partners but for the whole society as well.
Carl William Brown


Sponsorship can operate in two ways, where the Daimon Club is sponsored by an external organization or private subject, that is we mean “Sponsorship Received”, which allows the sponsor to capitalise on their positive association with our organization and where the Daimon Club sponsors an external reality, in this case we have “Sponsorship Given”, which allows the Daimon Club to extend the reach of its communications programs and build stronger alliances with like minded organizations.
Carl William Brown

To be brutally honest, it’s simple economics. If they want to come into cycling, sponsors need to know the team they are funding is clean, otherwise the risk is just too great.
David Millar

Sponsorship of, and by, the Daimon Club Organization is an important component of the Association communications, marketing and education strategies.
Carl William Brown

As other groups our mission statement is trying to converge on thoughts and inspirations of the artistic process, the path of creating, and the psychology of human nature that connects us all. We are not only a group for proclaimed artists, writers, creative beings, lovers of philosophy, dancers or lovers of every culture and subjets on the earth but we are also a group of ordinary human beings who wants a place to share thoughts and recieve inspiration through the collaboration of creative minds and reciprocal good actions.
Carl William Brown

So if you are a creative mind and want to give your personal contribution to the improvement of our planet and if you want to travel, to meet interesting, good and nice people and do also some useful job of promotion both in internet and on the territory join us, we are waiting for you.
Carl William Brown

Daimonology Principles

When all the souls had chosen their lives, they went before Lachesis. And she sent with each, as the guardian of his life And the fulfiller of his choice, The daimon that he had chosen.
(Plato, Republic X)

Great Zeus, Father of men, You would deliver them all from the evils that oppress them, If you would show them what is the Daimon of whom they make use.

Introduction to Daimonology

1) Daimonology gave rise to philosophy and philosophy to all other sciences. Starting from the origins of the principle we are going to arrive at the end of all our research.

2) Philosophy meant as love of knowledge incorporates all the other sciences and therefore it is their fascinating and seductive mother. Nevertheless Daimonology goes further and begins where knowledge ends.

3) Daimonology is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary subject that owes its existence to the genius and its disclosure to the new surrealist, nihilistic and humorist movement and of course to the creative minds of the Daimon Club Group.

4) Daimonology is the discourse on the genius; it is geniality that challenges itself and the whole globality; it is a summary of everything and the synthesis of the universal nothingness. It is the “coincidentia oppositorum” of pain and joy. It ‘s the beginning and the end of every principle.

5) Daimonology is an ideal reality chasing a real ideality. It is an ethical, aesthetic, critical, dialectical and enigmatic synthesis of the global and universal human thought.  (Read the full article about Daimonology Principles)

Carl William Brown