• When prices go up two processes will set in - an increased production and a decreased consumption. The effect will be a gradual fall in prices. If prices get too low two processes will set in - decreased production because a man will not continue to produce at a loss and, second, increased consumption. These two forces will tend to establish the normal balance.  Ten years later I became rich by remembering those words.~Bernard BaruchTweet

Black Friday Day

Black Friday, in reality, is a symptom of the plight that 30 years of Reaganomics has brought to working people in America. Right along with the frenzied rise of shoppers willing to fight each other at retail outlets across America, we’ve been steadily, for the last 30 years, watching the … Continue reading

Shakespeare dictionary

William Shakespeare short quotes dictionary

All men who repeat a line from Shakespeare are William Shakespeare. Jorge Luis Borges, Labyrinths: Selected Stories and Other Writings I consider the genius, in any form, as an effort of nature to produce, among great sacrifices, a better human prototype, more successful, more worthy of life than usual. Hermann … Continue reading

Andros Art Theory

The “A Theory”. In this mapping of human chromosomes, observed through the microscope of art, in this “humane genome project”, which analyzes the DNA of the existence, and that I called androsophy, I use all possible methods of investigation, without any limits of form and means. I do not lock … Continue reading

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