• When prices go up two processes will set in - an increased production and a decreased consumption. The effect will be a gradual fall in prices. If prices get too low two processes will set in - decreased production because a man will not continue to produce at a loss and, second, increased consumption. These two forces will tend to establish the normal balance.  Ten years later I became rich by remembering those words.~Bernard BaruchTweet

Italian Debt

Italy has the second highest public sector debt in Europe, after Greece. The IMF predict public sector debt of 123.4 % of GDP in 2012 and it is forecast to grow even bigger. Italy’s national debt reaches record 1.812 trillion euros, but the global national wealth is of about 8.6 trillion, equal to four times the national debt. But unfortunately nearly half of all these properties are in a few hands, to be more precise they are in the availability of 10% of the Italian families.  Carl William Brown

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