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Daimon Club Structure

Daimon Club Structure

Daimon Club Association
Daimon Club Association    The place where creativity struggles against triviality and stupidity.

It’s the site of the Daimon Club, our cultural, eclectic and surrealistic non-profit organization. Here you will find our statute, our history, our marketing strategy, the answers to your questions and your curiosities, our original techniques of communication and our legacies! You will also find the principles that have inspired our feelings and our philosophy, an homage to the surrealists, to the Dadaists, and to end our spiritual manifesto. Unfortunately most of the pages are in italian, and you will have to trust our small introduction and go straight ahead if you want to join us! See you soon!!  It’s Carl William Brown’s literary site, with numerous and amazing aphorisms of every kind, with the synthesis of his work, with his will, with several essays about the world of culture, of the book industry, of politics, of the power and of human vanity; here you will also find the association created in order to struggle against stupidity and  also a forum where you can write your opinions. For the time being most of the material is in italian, but there is also a section devoted to english quotations. Anyway in a short time you will also be able to read the translation of a selection of Carl William Brown’s aphorisms.   The place governed by intuition, fantasy and powerful mysteries!

It’s a site devoted to the amazing worlds of our magic entities, such as parapsychology, astrology, new age, dreams, chiromancy, lotteries and so on. Here you will also find some meditation about wisdom in general. The you will find pages devoted to the world of imagination and  mystery and so also to love, sex, and so on! There are also many links to all the other magic sites of the net! But you must forgive us, because for the time being we are still waiting to translate many texts, so you will be able to enjoy only the graphics, unless you can understand a bit of italian!      The place where you can meet new people and you can get new friends.

It’s the site where you can meet the members of the Daimon Club; here you can make new friends, and you can exchange opinions, in order to know new interesting persons and to promote your own initiatives. Here it is possible to find the registration form to the Daimon Club, so once you have enrolled you will be able to get some free pages in which you can introduce yourself. Besides if the inheritance of the legacy of the Club is accepted you can also get gratis the Cd Rom of our association.   The place where you can amuse yourselves even if you must be careful.

It’s a site devoted to humor, above all black humor, or galgen humor. Here we will be able to see a lot of beautiful graphics and you will be able to read funny jokes about everything. There are also sections devoted to nonsense humor, to quotations, poetry, cartoons, philosophy and so on. As a matter of fact here you will find material that concerns the fiercest satire, the thinnest irony, the brightest wisecracks, and what’s more a lot of other thematic resources on humor and laughter. You are also lucky because there is a specific english section in constant development!   The place where you can find arts, creativity, imagination and fantasy

It’s a space devoted to the magic power of art online, therefore you can find everything concerning photography, computer graphics, painting, cinema, fashion, comic strips, models and so on. Practically it is the museum of the Daimon Club or as we call it the Daimon Art. Here you can see also exposed your works, getting like this some publicity for your activities, if only you decide to collaborate with us. Here you will also find indications on our exhibitions and on our artistic promotions. There are also numerous links to other analogous sites! Since it’s a visual place there are no problems about languages!    The place where you can exchange banners and get so free promotion and publicity

In this section you will find our promotional and advertising strategy and the pages of our sponsors. Inside there is also a section for banner free exchange.  It’s the Daimon Banner Show in fact this space contains a real museum of banners and here you can promote yourself in a really artistic surround. Once you are enrolled you can expose your own creations in more than a category and so you will be able to get more contacts and therefore get a greater visibility for your site. It’s all free and what’s more english it’s the main language of the site, even though we have also the italian translation.   The place where you can talk, write, criticise, communicate and promote yourself.

It’s the Daimon Library site, a space that contains more than ten thousand aphorisms, different essays on power and more than five thousand links to free books online. Here you will find a lot of english material but we have some sections only in italian. There are then pages devoted to new authors that want to promote their own works and pages with links to the world of publishers, of libraries, and of other cultural associations online. As a matter of fact it is our mine of precious material. Here thanks to Cyber Nation you will also find more than 60.000 aphorisms online, thousands of books and other artistic material. And then software freeware, poetry, music and our promotional strategy.   It’s the place where you can find our best links guide to the web.

It’s the Daimon Links Guides powered by the Daimon Club channels. Here you will find several pages devoted to different categories full of the best links to external resources of every type. The guide is organized following various thematic and their respective utility. Here you can make complex searches and you can find practically everything available in internet. There are obviously links to all the best spiders and to all the greatest guides online. Besides you can also contribute to its expansion signalling the sites that deserve our careful recognition.!!    It’s the place where you can find news, gossip, eros, forum and chats!

It’s our guide to the world of News, of Gossips, of Forums and of Chats. The site contains many links to all the resources of information online, you can find newspapers, magazines, press agencies, portals, tw channels and gossips. Then there are links to the best forums and chats on the web and a selection of curiosities and of the best article posted on our board. Unfortunately these pages are in italian, but on the contrary there are the latest news section from the world which are completely in english and which are really very interesting.