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Daimon directory project

Daimon directory project

Daimon directory project
Daimon directory project

Daimon directory project is an international world wide great brand marketing idea powered by Carl William Brown and the Daimon Club Organization to support, foster and spread the original spirit of the Daimon creative meaning. 

Daimon is an inner force, an inner passion, a mixture of desires and aspirations. Our daimon is the genius that lives with us, good and evil at the same time. As Blake would say, it’s the marriage between heaven and hell. It’s death in life and life in death. It’s a kind of enthusiasm that guides us towards the search for knowledge, without believing in any superior entity. It’s an olistic approach to life that struggles against any form of vanity, of stupid power and false authority. It’s a form of magic, of ecstatic feeling, it’s the art of living for freedom without having to submit our inner thoughts to the banalities of our society. It’s a dream that gives hope to our intellect, it’s a mistery without solution. it’s the absurdity of our life, it’s a nonsensical joke. That’s why I thought to link the surrealistic poetics with the spirit of my creation, and that’s why the Daimon Club was born.
Carl William Brown

One of the first examples of surrealistic writer and daimon guided author was Laurence Sterne. He was born in Ireland in 1713 end died in 1768. As a clergyman, Sterne was rather unusual. Besides being involved in frequent amorous escapades, together with some friends he formed a group called “The Demoniacks” which used to meet at Skelton Castle, a curious house on the border of the Cleveland Moors, (belonging to a friend of Sterne’s, who called it “Crazy Castle”, where they indulged in moderate revelry. When I found the Daimon Club I didn’t know about Sterne’s association, but now what I intend to point out is that unfortunately we don’t have a castle, and it’s always more difficult to find people who like to be open minded, not only from a sexual point of view, but also from an artistic and intellectual one.
Carl William Brown

When towards the end of 1997 Carl William Brown registered the first few pages of the Daimon Club website in the main search engines the term Daimon did not appear becuase as a matter of fact it was unknown. Therefore, digitally speaking, it was our association that has had the privilege of inaugurating what would soon have become a real phenomenon. Try to type today on the most famous Internet spider the word Daimon, or Daimon Club and you will immediately realize the real development of the trend.
Carl William Brown

The concept of Daimon is also strongly connected with the meaning of Aristotle’s Eudaimonia, that is to find your inner passion and develop it in a good manner without any excess to live in a virtuous happy way.
Carl William Brown

Each life is formed by its unique image, an image that is the essence of that life and calls it to a destiny. As the force of fate, this image acts as a personal daimon, an accompanying guide who remembers your calling.
James Hillman

International Daimon Directory
International Daimon Directory

The daimon motivates. It protects. It invents and persists with stubborn fidelity. It resists compromising reasonableness and often forces deviance and oddity upon its keeper, especially when neglected or opposed. It offers comfort and can pull you into its shell, but it cannot abide innocence. It can make the body ill. It is out of step with time, finding all sorts of faults, gaps, and knots in the flow of life – and it prefers them. It has affinities with myth, since it is itself a mythical being and thinks in mythical patterns.
James Hillman

Daimon meaning The Greek daimon means ‘divine power’, ‘fate’, or ‘god’. To the Greeks daimons were intermediary spirits between human beings and the gods, acting as spiritual advisors. See Genii, Jinn, Djin and Genius. Daimon is also a common persons name, so we have several websites that tells us something about different Daimon. Daimon is also a semi God of past religions, so we have many sites that explain the original meaning of the word.

For more information and if you want to support and spread this great DAIMON international branding marketing project, you can write us, you can contact us on our socials, or you can also visit our page, where it is possible to offer us a coffee or a small donation to help promoting this initiative. Thank you so much and don’t hesitate to keep in touch, we are waiting for you!

In any case I will go on advertising this idea and supporting all the entities that believe in the Daimon metaphorical spirit and therefore also your professional and cultural activities. Then, if you would also like to support our efforts, even with a modest contribution, know that all our Internet activities are at your disposal for any promotion. The Daimon Club official website, it is the international domain of our club. The Daimon Club is a virtual cultural association founded in Brescia, Italy in 1997 by Carl William Brown. Its purpose is to develop a new cultural and communicative methodology. The website offers a variety of sections including thousands of original aphorisms, quotes, jokes, and proverbs in English, as well as free e-books, humorous texts, and links to cultural resources. There are also sections dedicated to visual communication, business, finance, and web marketing. The Daimon Club does not have any advertisements or use of cookies. It also offers fast research through its Daimon Spiders and can be found on various social media platforms.  It was The Daimon Club Italian mirror website. Now it is the official links tree of Carl William Brown and it redirects to AllMyLinks. Inside it there is the International Daimon Directory Project, it will include all websites that have something to do with the concept of Daimon Creativity and its origins.  Daimon Social Club – Insula verde din Bucuresti. In the heart of the Capital, in the middle of a lush vegetation, is the Daimon Club: your oasis of relaxation and energy. The story of Daimon Club was born to provide people an imposing location, with complete services, where you can celebrate the most important events in your life, such as fabulous birthdays parties, memorable weddings and exciting baptisms. The ideal place where socializing in a good state of mind, creating unforgettable experiences. Here you will find the great restaurant Daimon Trattoria with a perfect Italian cuisine, a Sportiv Club and a Wellness Zona, that is the ideal place to improve your physical shape and mood.  It’s an Italian firm specialised in physical and psychological counseling, time-saving services and day care services.

Daimon Directory project
Daimon Directory project  Daimon Production is an independent production company founded in 2009 by the freelance video reporter Emiliano Pappacena. Daimon Production has swiftly become a real teamwork of young professionals who pool their know-how in the audiovisual industry. Our mission is to produce TV reports, documentaries and new TV formats paying particular attention to social issues, immigration, environmental sustainability and technological innovation. Our video reports have been aired on Rai Due, Rai Tre, Rai Storia and on the satellite television Rai Edu. DAIMON is an Italian association of Philosophical Consultants and experts in Philosophical Practices. Their aim is to make philosophical skills available to those who request it in order to develop their own thinking strategies so to acquire awareness of one’s world vision, which will be reflected in proper actions aned good social relations.  DAIMON is a brand owned by GRE EUROPE SAGL, a company based in Switzerland with multiple activities in Europe and Asia. Daimon collections are produced by Zoko Italy srl, a company that counts more than twenty years of experience in the production of yarns, fabrics and garments and that makes quality, production control and timing some of its strengths. The Daimon Institute for the Highly Gifted conducts research, offers research-based and best-practice presentations, and provides educational consulting to support the overall development of Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted (EPG) people. Padre Monti Saronno graphics schools. OUR HISTORY. Born from the philosophy and values of Father Monti, the Daimon Foundation passes down a precious heritage of ideas and activities in the educational, training and technical fields. Innovation, professionalism and the valorization of our students’ successes characterize us and accompany us continuously.  This is the portfolio of photographer and filmmaker Daimon Xanthopoulos. Here you can see full screen selection of his photography and documentary work.  We are a Brand Experience Studio born digital and grown looking for the unexplored among all channels. We have the courage to give shape to creativity that performs and experiences that can tell a story. For us this is being bold. This is our boldness.  It is a Website Art Gallery, a Graphic, Advertising and Marketing Agency specialized in Internet services. (La Daimon Art Gallery è uno spazio dedicato agli artisti, quotati e non, che vogliono esporre i propri lavori, e far circolare le proprie idee, per un pubblico non necessariamente di collezionisti o esperti del settore.

Daimon Diffusion Professional cosmetic products. Daimon has selected the best specific products for wellness rituals from cultures around the world, products that integrate and strengthen the benefits and results of treatments. We believe in modern and ancient science, the foundation of the cult of beauty and well-being since the most distant origins; this is why we have combined ancient aesthetic traditions with the effectiveness of functional cosmetics.

Daimon directory
Daimon directory An Italian company. Daimon Eventi intertwines creativity, imagination and competence, offering companies qualified work in the supply of personnel and services for various events. Daimon Eventi can offer suggestions and exclusive atmospheres thanks to a staff of actors, musicians, dancers, painters, sculptors, magicians, jugglers, DJs, male and female models, hostesses and stewards… but also set designers, screenwriters, graphic designers, video operators, photographers , catering, tour operators…and so on. Peerless male grooming products by Daimon Barber, London, Paris. Innovative formulation, unrivalled quality and beautiful design. Made in the UK.  Centre de production Daïmõn photo-vidéo-nouveaux médias. Le Centre de production DAÏMÕN is an artist-run centre that supports research, creation and production of works in photography, media arts, multimedia, new media and their interfaces. DAÏMÕN also initiates events and screenings of works produced in these artistic practices. DAÏMÕN is a non-profit organisation that is supported by its members, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts and the Service des arts, de la culture et des lettres de la Ville de Gatineau.  Daimon Publishers Online bookstore devoted to books on Jungian Psychology, Relationships, Personal Development and Growth of Consciousness  by Walter Alamanni; it’s a cultural group interested in Counseling, development of human potentialities, shamanism, educational training and so on. In shamanism the term Medicine means life force, intrinsic energy in nature. A person’s medicine is his power, his knowledge, his expression of vital energy.  A fashion company, guided by a very famous Italian woman stylist, that has chosen the word Daimon as an Ancient Greek term that defines the soul and inner strength to its purest forms but can then also turn to a more transgressive meaning. The Daimon Luxury Collections came from the idea to make a special and inimitable shape, as the woman who is wearing it. Cutting edge cuts, sharp and precise, transgressive combinations of precious yarns and fabrics, craftsmanship in all details, strong and inimitable identity. DAIMON FILM SRL is a company that produces, sells, and promotes film, television, and multimedia products. They also provide artistic consulting and organize events and concerts. Daimon Film covers the world of entertainment at 360 degrees by producing and creating videoclips, television programs, commercials, films and docufilms, up to the creation of major events and concerts.  The production is handled by Raffaella Tommasi, a project manager with twenty years of experience in large international projects. They have organized the IMAGinACTION Festival and Tour, as well as the Comacchio Beach Festival, featuring popular Italian artists.  Daimon Japanese Restaurant – Sunset Beach / Huntington Harbor. With over 30 years of history, Daimon invites you to enjoy an evening of excellent food, fine drinks, and great fun. Our caring and committed staff will ensure you have a fantastic experience with us.  Echu-Daimon Kite Festival. As we traveled around Japan to various kite festivals it seemed like every third person was from Daimon kite club in Toyama Prefecture. Echu is the old name of Daimon. With this harbinger of things to come, we headed off to the train station in Osaka where we met the other members of the Osaka Kite club.

Synthetic principles of applied Daimonology
Synthetic principles of applied Daimonology  Daimon Tattoo Studio A very high specialized tattoo and piercing studio based in Tuscany, Italy. Address viale Diaz 20, 53034 Colle Val D’Elsa, Toscana, Italy. You can discover a lot about it visiting its Facebook page. Centro de Estudos do Relacionamento O Daimon é uma instituição que contribui para o estudo da psicoterapia, da psicoterapia de grupo e do psicodrama no Brasil. Você encontrará informações sobre grupos de estudos e grupos de supervisão. Terá acesso à programação das sessões abertas de psicoterapia, aos eventos e aos artigos publicados pelos profissionais que aqui trabalham. Você poderá ainda adquirir os livros publicados pela nossa editora.  Daimon Manufactures a variety of flexible tubes and colored pipes for applications such as microphones and optical scopes. Company Name Daimon Manufacturing Inc. Founded May, 1968 President Yoshishige Miyazawa Head Office, Factory 7007 Sakaki, Sakaki-machi, Nagano, Japan 389-0601  Daimon is a town in Toyama prefecture, Japan. Toyama prefecture (Toyama-ken) is located in the Chubu region on Honshu island, Japan. The capital is city of Toyama. Toyama is leading industrial prefecture on the Japan-sea coast , and has industrial advantage “cheap electricity”. The Itai-itai disease occurred in Toyama around 1950. The birth of Daimon is explained first and foremost with a simple reality, but full of consequences: the transformation of Italy into a multicultural and multi-religious country. Following a path common to all Western Europe, the map of religious affiliations and, even more, the common feeling towards religious phenomena is rapidly changing in Italy. This transformation has highlighted the superficiality of knowledge of religions and the almost total ignorance of their regulations: the first and most immediate objective of Daimon is therefore to provide a tool for understanding the rights of religions, in order to reconstruct and understand the new reality that is taking shape in Italy and Europe.  DAIMON Logistics USA was founded in 2011 and giving reliable, trusted logistics services for more than 10 years. We think that our customers are also our partners and have to find best and fast solutions for their all logistics needs.  Daimon Logistics , a Bangladeshi freight forwarding and Logistics company was founded in 2012. Daimon carries out air and sea forwarding, consolidation services, project forwarding and sea- air, air-sea, CHB and Trucking connected transportations in import and export fields. We have our own office both Dhaka and Chittagong to serve our customers.  Searchdaimon is an open source search engine for corporate data and websites. It is as simple to use as your favorite Internet search engine, yet it has the added power of delivering results from numerous systems with standardised attribute navigation. Searchdaimon is easy to install, open and scalable.

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