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Disgusting Quotations

Disgusting Quotations

Disgusting quotes and aphorisms on various subject
Disgusting quotes and aphorisms on various subject

Man is certainly the most disgusting kind of worm that has ever crawled on this stupid ugly planet.
Carl William Brown via Jonathan Swift

Man is a disgusting thing. If you beat him he starts to scream, but if it is the other one who is beaten, then he constructs a theory.
I.B. Singer

My pacifism is an instinctive feeling, a feeling that possesses me because the murder of men is disgusting. My attitude is not derived from any intellectual theory but is based on my deepest antipathy to every kind of cruelty and hatred.
Albert Einstein

I never drink water because of the disgusting things that fish do in it.
W. C. Fields

I think on-stage nudity is disgusting, shameful and damaging to all things American. But if I were 22 with a great body, it would be artistic, tasteful, patriotic and a progressive religious experience.
Shelly Winters

Men are disgusting and, left to their own devices, they will affront the central tenets of human decency – and laugh uproariously at it.
Jonah Goldberg quotes

I don’t dislike babies, though I think very young ones rather disgusting.
Queen Victoria

I positively think that ladies who are always enceinte quite disgusting; it is more like a rabbit or guinea-pig than anything else and really it is not very nice.
Queen Victoria

A stupid disgusting bore is a guy who has nothing to say, and nonetheless says it anyway.
Carl William Brown

Fishing is boring, unless you catch an actual fish, and then it is disgusting.
Dave Barry

Men really disgust me if they don’t have a nice smile, nice lips and nice teeth…They have too many disgusting habits – like scratching themselves all the time. And it’s really weird how guys think that passing gas is the funniest thing in the world. They love to do that thing in front of girls and laugh about it.
Jennifer Lopez

The odious and disgusting aristocracy of wealth is built upon the ruins of all that is good in chivalry or republicanism; and luxury is the forerunner of a barbarism scarcely capable of cure.
Percy Bysshe Shelley

I’m a hopeless romantic. It’s disgusting. It really is. I’ve seen ‘While You Were Sleeping’, like, twenty times, and I still believe in the whole Prince Charming thing.
Jennifer Love Hewitt

The first kiss I had was the most disgusting thing in my life. The girl injected about a pound of saliva, into my mouth, and when I walked away I had to spit it all out.
Leonardo DiCaprio

Almost anything that can be praised or advocated has been put to some disgusting use. There is no principle, however immaculate, that has not had its compromising manipulator.
Wyndham Lewis

It’s hard enough to go through puberty. Everyone’s embarassed about their youth, but if just happens that the ’80s were particularly disgusting. Flock of Seagulls is not cool.
Alyssa Milano

Nothing is more disgusting than the crowing about liberty by slaves, as most men are, and the flippant mistaking for freedom of some paper preamble like a Declaration of Independence, or the statute right to vote, by those who have never dared to think or to act.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s their deliberate, disgusting, revolting conduct that is responsible for the disease
Jesse Helms

I read the Social Democratic newspapers, I saw their disgusting attitude towards anything that bore even the slightest revolutionary character, and I realized that there could be no reconciliation between a revolutionary party and a party trying to e
Peter Kropotkin

Let me look at the foulness and ugliness of my body. Let me see myself as an ulcerous sore running with every horrible and disgusting poison.
Saint Ignatius of Loyola

I was a teen star. That’s disgusting enough.
John Cusack

Years of training mean absolutely nothing. it’s a disgusting, despicable business, and you should all know what you’re up against.
Robert Kass

Swallow a toad in the morning and you will encounter nothing more disgusting the rest of the day.
Nicolas de Chamfort

There is no one on earth more disgusting and repulsive than he who gives alms. Even as there is no one so miserable as he who accepts them.
Maxim Gorky

Those who have not met the Primal Being, the True Guru, are most unfortunate, and are subject to death. They wander in reincarnation over and over again, as the most disgusting maggots in manure.
Sri Guru Granth Sahib

Swallow a toad in the morning if you want to encounter nothing more disgusting the rest of the day
Nicolas de Chamfort

The love of money as a possession – as distinguished from the love of money as a means to the enjoyments and realities of life – will be recognized for what it is, a somewhat disgusting morbidity, one of those semi-criminal, semi-pathological propens.
John Maynard Keynes

There are two Italies – The one is the most sublime and lovely contemplation that can be conceived by the imagination of man ; the other is the most degraded, disgusting, and odious.

I have been writing in spurts, bit by bit. It is incredibly difficult. Everything is corroded, broken, dismantled; everything is covered with hardened layers of accumulated insensitivity, deafness, entrenched routine. It is disgusting.
Boris Pasternak

I have never seen . . . so slippery, so disgusting a candidate.
Bill Clinton

“If we had reverence for our life, our life would take at once religious form. But as it is, in our filthy irreverence, it remains a disgusting slough, where each one of us goes so thoroughly disguised in dirt that we are all alike and indistinguishab
D.H. Lawrence

When I grew up, I lived in the ghettos of Hollywood; it was the most disgusting place to be. I was known as the crazy little kid. I did impressions. Then I realized that’s not what I want to do. I don’t want to be a comedian to please other people.
Leonardo DiCaprio

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