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Not only I can’t post or comment on shit-face for some time, but in the meanwhile I am not using it as well.
Carl William Brown

Someone says facebook is useless, others say is pure shit. I have to make up my mind!
Carl William Brown

Some socials would like to control our freedom of speech, but I think they’d better control their ass!
Carl William Brown

I have just started another collection of quotes and reflections that I will poetically call, Shits from Facebook!
Carl William Brown

On Facebook a lot of people are always inviting me to play some stupid games and so I must reciprocate inviting them to go to be fucked.
Carl William Brown

Facebook expected you to pay up for them to show your post about last weekend’s family trip photos to your uncle.
A friend of mine

On Facebook your posts reache only 5% of your friends. Its worse if you have a community page, group, business page or the like, the reach can be lower than 5%. This happened after Facebook introduced its EdgeRank ranking algorithm for posts. Supposedly, the EdgeRank is supposed to measure the ‘quality’ of the content according to its ‘virality’ and other ranking factors, and therefore ‘make sure that people see the best content in their feeds’.

In Corporatespeak it sounds spectacular as always of course. ‘Way to go’, one is inclined to say after reading it like that. “Facebook sure has our best interests in mind”. But naturally, it isn’t like this. The aim of EdgeRank is mainly to reduce visibility of posts, and push Facebook Ads. They hit Facebook Pages with it first, and then they shamelessly carried it over to people’s own profiles, dropping it in the middle of your interaction with your own friends and family. Now, imagine you have a community page followed by 1000 people. And you posted something to share with every follower. But what’s that – your post reached only 50 people! Whooops – here come Facebook Ads. So you see, Facebook wants you to pay up to reach the 51th person. Its official, its blunt, its as clear as it can be.

Carl William Brown

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