Martial Arts and Ninjutsu Philosophy

Martial Arts and Ninjutsu Philosophy

Martial Arts and Ninjutsu Philosophy
Martial Arts and Ninjutsu Philosophy

The art of Ninjutsu simply put is a skill acquired through much training. It is the art of learning not to succumb to intimidation, whether in the form of fears, threats or violence. It is the knowledge, wisdom and ability of learning how to live peacefully with ourselves.
Grandmaster R. Law

Philosophy on the Ninja art and state of mind:

1) Above all a calm mind: One should never panic
2) Insight, the use of intuitive or subconscious intelligence
3) Kindness, to perpetually help those in need. Compassion, love and brotherhood
4) Aggressiveness, when necessary. To prevail over ones surroundings
5) Adaptability, versatility, split second decision making
6) Patience, endurance, persistence. Not giving up, not turning back
7) Analysis, logical problem solving.
8) Memory pneumonic and photographic memory skills cultivation
9) Respect: To respect nature and its ultimate ethics

Ninjutsu Philosophy

1) Loyalty to ones country
2) Loyalty to ones parents
3) Trust and brotherhood among friends
4) Courage to never retreat in the face of the enemy
5) The study of the laws of the universe. The study of the five elements. The study of the mind.
6) Large egos are carried by small minds
7) If one’s mind is made up to learn then there will success.
8) If one does not practice regularly, then do not face the enemy.
9) By making the mind void of thoughts one can gain a natural meditative state.

Grandmaster R. Law