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Martial Arts Quotes

Martial Arts Quotes

Martial art quotes and aphorisms
Martial art quotes and aphorisms

Martial Arts Quotes, quotations, aphorisms, ideas and wise philosophical words about the true spirit of the Bushido and the different martial art warriors and lovers.

Life is deceitful because all warfare is based on deception.
Carl William Brown

When I was young I used to practice a martial art that was a mixture of karate, kung fu, Jujitsu, Yawara Kubotan, Aikido, Okinawan kobudo, Newaza, etc.; now I am just a theoretical samurai or a bushido scholar if you prefer.
Carl William Brown

There are no belts in NINJITSU. There are levels; each level divided into sub levels or sessions. Each session is tested as is well as the achievement of a level. Ninjutsu is made up of 18 basic arts, and there is one level to each art. Each art also branches out, thus some arts have more than one level. A level in an art, is not the perfection of an art. The Ninja has too much to train in to perfect himself, however, the standards for a level are high.
Grandmaster R. Law

Another soldier has been killed. Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.
Carl William Brown

The real fighter knows perfectly well that there is no difference between victory and defeat, friend and enemy, day and night, life and death.
Carl William Brown

Never accept an inferior position to anyone. It is the strongest spirit that wins, not the most expensive sword.
Miyamoto Musashi

All art is political, all art is a martial one.
Carl William Brown

The real hero must fail in order to succeed.
Carl William Brown

Belts in martial arts are nothing but a stupid and banal invention to satisfy general and poor pratictioners. Carl William Brown

If one does not practice regularly, then do not face the enemy.
Ninjutsu Philosophy

If one’s mind is made up to learn then there will success.
Ninjutsu Philosophy

War is the mother of everything.

War, the World’s Only Hygiene
F.T. Marinetti

Having only wisdom and talent is the lowest tier of usefulness.
Yamamoto Tsunetomo

It is difficult for a fool’s habits to change to selflessness.
Yamamoto Tsunetomo

In all fighting, the direct method may be used for joining battle, but indirect methods will be needed in order to secure victory.
Indirect tactics, efficiently applied, are inexhaustible as Heaven and Earth, unending as the flow of rivers and streams; like the sun and moon, they end but to begin anew; like the four seasons, they pass away to return once more.
Sun Tzu

I am a Franciscan and a priest, a teacher of philosophy and a Martial Artist and the key phrase there is ‘I am’, I am not someone who ‘does’ these things; Martial Arts are not a ‘hobby’ — they are, and continue to be, integral to my life as a human person, as a priest, as a Franciscan, as a teacher, as a philosopher. So is there a ‘philosophy’ in Martial Arts? — yes, a very sophisticated, challenging, beautiful one.
Seamus Mulholland

Even if it seems certain that you will lose, retaliate. Neither wisdom nor technique has a place in this. A real man does not think of victory or defeat. He plunges recklessly towards an irrational death. By doing this, you will awaken from your dreams.
Yamamoto Tsunetomo

If a warrior is not unattached to life and death, he will be of no use whatsoever. The saying that “All abilities come from one mind” sounds as though it has to do with sentient matters, but it is in fact a matter of being unattached to life and death. With such non-attachment one can accomplish any feat.
Yamamoto Tsunetomo

To me, the extraordinary aspect of martial arts lies in its simplicity. The easy way is also the right way, and martial arts is nothing at all special; the closer to the true way of martial arts, the less wastage of expression there is.
Bruce Lee

First of all you must understand that practising martial arts means studying a certain oriental philosophy of life, otherwise it’s merely a vacuous sport devoid of any significance.
Carl William Brown

Martial arts is not about fighting; it’s about building character.
Bo Bennett

We learn martial arts as helping weakness. You never fight for people to get hurt. You’re always helping people.
Jackie Chan

As a lifelong practitioner of martial arts, I’m trained to remain calm in the face of adversity and danger.
Steven Seagal

You can use martial arts to tell a different story. Ang Lee used martial arts in ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ to talk about love.
Jet Li

I don’t think I’m in any position to call myself a martial artist. I’m a student of the martial arts.
Lou Reed

Bruce Lee was very famous. I watched his movies and he is amazing. He is a martial arts master, his philosophy, his movement, both physically and mentally, were very strong.
Jet Li

I think the book struck me in a few ways that I thought very interesting to pick it as my first martial arts film. It has a very strong female character and it was very abundant in classic Chinese textures.
Ang Lee

The art of Ninjutsu simply put is a skill acquired through much training. It is the art of learning not to succumb to intimidation, whether in the form of fears, threats or violence. It is the knowledge, wisdom and ability of learning how to live peacefully with ourselves.
Grandmaster R. Law

I do practice martial arts, more as a recreational thing, but a lot of my friends have been heavyweight champions the in mixed martial arts world.
Vin Diesel

Mixed martial arts was invented by Brazilians, whose families had been trained by the Japanese. Those Brazilians came to the U.S., where their invention was bought out, gussied up and presented to the world, which found it good.
David Mamet

I knew nothing about martial arts. The coach told me I was talented with learning martial arts, and put me in a school. Three years later I got my first championship in China.
Jet Li

I endured many weeks of it, but I had a big background in martial arts and fighting as a kid, so kind of all the problems got brushed away and I was ready.
Jason Statham

I always thought martial arts was the most modern choreography we could have right now, and I always wanted to put it to music.
Lou Reed

I’ve been involved in mixed martial arts since 1997 when I first started working for the UFC.
Joe Rogan

Boxing, mixed martial arts and tennis are the hardest sports to train for.
Andy Murray

When I was a kid, I had two great guilty pleasures. One was horror movies and the other was martial arts movies.
M. Night Shyamalan

Jackie Chan is a very good comedy/martial arts star. He does one kind of martial arts that Jet Li doesn’t know how to do and Jet Li does a martial art that Jackie Chan doesn’t know how to do. You can both go to two Chinese restaurants, but both can have different kinds of food.
Jet Li

I didn’t go to normal children school. I went to sports school when I was 8. So I studied martial arts.
Jet Li

When I was 8 years old, I knew nothing about martial arts. The coach told me I was talented with learning martial arts, and put me in a school.
Jet Li

I’ve done jiujitsu a huge chunk of my life, and I try to spend a lot of time educating people on the nuances, the subtleness of the ground game. It’s a big part of mixed martial arts.
Joe Rogan

It wasn’t until I went to Korea out of high school and got exposed to the martial arts for the first time and was just completely enamored with the physical ability of the martial arts and making my black belt.
Chuck Norris

I’ve been training with my mixed martial arts guy as much as I can when I’m back in L.A., so if I could do another movie like I did in ‘The Killing Game,’ with Samuel L. Jackson, that would be awesome.
Kellan Lutz

I had so many older brothers who beat up on me, so I’m a tough kid. I love mixed martial arts, weapons training, guns, knives, driving fast cars and motorcycles.
Kellan Lutz

Motion capture is exactly what it says: it’s physical moves, whereas performance capture is the entire performance – including your facial performance. If you’re doing, say, martial arts for a video game, that is motion capture. This is basically another way of recording an actor’s performance: audio, facial and physical.
Andy Serkis

I do mixed martial arts, mainly kickboxing.
Gail Porter

As a kid, I was heavily into martial arts and wanted to be the next Jean-Claude Van Damme.
Chris Daughtry

I wanted to be a martial arts film star when I was a teenager.
Chris Daughtry

Usually action films have a formula: good guy gets in trouble, his wife dies, friends have problems, so he goes to the mountain, learns martial arts, comes back, and kills the bad guy.
Jet Li

I stepped into the martial arts movie market when I was only 16. I think I have proved my ability in this field and it won’t make sense for me to continue for another five or 10 years.
Jet Li

I am so happy because I want more people to like martial arts movie not just martial arts audience. Even martial arts can be used in comedy, in drama, in horror movies, in different kinds of movies.
Jet Li

Since my teen years I was interested in martial arts.
Tony Visconti

I don’t have to have any special skills or martial arts in my back pocket.
Jason Ritter

Rather than go to the gym, I would prefer to do martial arts because the time goes by quicker.
Milla Jovovich

I did some martial arts training for ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,’ since the character was an assassin.
Sam Rockwell

A large part of my life revolves around my dad. Sometimes, I even feel a strong sense of connection, something very tangible when I learn something new in the martial arts.
Brandon Lee

‘The Last Airbender’ is genetically engineered for me. I love martial arts. I study it. The movie’s based on a lot of Buddhist and Hindu philosophy. I was raised Hindu.
M. Night Shyamalan

I’ve been doing Tai Chi on and off for 20 years. The fundamentals of all martial arts are the same.
Terence Stamp

Martial arts just normally would not draw me to the box office.
Mary Hart

There is all this controversy that women and girls are too skinny or too overweight. I say to just do martial arts and everything will be okay. You will tone up your body and find a confidence you can’t find just sitting around watching TV and hanging out with friends.
Milla Jovovich

When I learn martial arts, my master will have me try a punch for a week and he will keep saying, ‘No, you don’t have it. No, that’s not right.’ When he finally says, ‘Yes, you did it,’ it’s a wonderful moment. You worked on it. You got it.
Milla Jovovich

For me, the martial arts is a search for something inside. It’s not just a physical discipline.
Brandon Lee

You know, it’s such an insult to actual martial artists that I say that I do martial arts.
Cam Gigandet

I always loved the idea of learning martial arts, but it wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I really started doing it and taking up karate.
Kelly Hu

I’m a martial arts buff, so anything martial arts.
Noah Hathaway

I try to keep the martial arts up. It’s a good thing, not just physically but also for your mind.
Dolph Lundgren

Martial arts is like dance. It’s so beautiful and what I love about the martial arts mostly is that what it basically says is you take their energy and you redirect it. Then if you need to, use it on them. That whole thing about redirecting energy I love.
Rutger Hauer

There is absolutely no Wuxia or martial arts in ‘Red Cliff.’ I want all the action to look realistic.
John Woo

There is also a strong following among the urbanites on the East Coast when it comes to martial arts films.
Donnie Yen

I knew nothing about martial arts. And I don’t really like it! But in the film, I not only had to pretend that I knew all about it, I had to be the best at it. That was very difficult.
Ziyi Zhang

I know that one of the distinguishing things was I looked like I could hold a gun, even though I’d never held one before and I’m physically able to do the martial arts and all that stuff.
Yvonne Strahovski

When you have a background in combat sports, people think you’re this martial arts expert, but really I’m just a guy who is able to do certain things without making a mess of himself.
Rick Yune

I discovered martial arts, first judo and then karate, and I became quite good at it, because I had something to prove. And more than anything, I needed to feel safe.
Dolph Lundgren

When I was a teenager, my dad used to put a lot of pressure on me to be successful, and I’d really beat myself up about things like losing martial arts competitions.
Dolph Lundgren

I’ve done a lot of training in martial arts. I started out in warring tempo, I did sports jujitsu, and I’ve also practiced extreme martial arts.
Booboo Stewart

I’m learning as much martial arts as I possibly can. My show is packed with action. Enough to get a rise.
Traci Bingham

When you’re dead weight, in the right position, you win. And in reality, you wouldn’t see someone my size kicking seven martial arts experts and winning.
Joan Severance

I’ve always been interested in martial arts.
Tracy Spiridakos

I grew up doing martial arts, and it’s one of these things where I always kind of liked acting, but I was never real serious about it.
Jody Hill

But my middle daughter, Kate, is very involved in martial arts, and I was just at one of her competitions.
Meredith Baxter

I was a dancer for fifteen years, and I think a lot of what dancing gives you crosses over so much into anything to do with fighting, martial arts, anything action.
Sharni Vinson

One thing I am really dying to do, while I’m still young and in shape, is an action movie. I would love to do a Lara Croft type of thing that’s really physical and tough. I want to have a gun and do martial arts. I would love to get paid to get into the best shape of my life.
Megalyn Echikunwoke