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Marketing and sponsorships

Sponsors and Partners, free promotions, marketing advices, cultural internet campaigns, articles and links exchange, graphics and financial tips to growon the market.

To promote every sort of activity, to discover the enormous potentiality of the web, and to meet new friends in a magic, exciting and amusing place. VISIT AND JOIN US AT  WWW.DAIMON.ORG

We believe, in fact, as the great innovators of the technological and commercial philosophy of the network also maintain, that the world of business in its profound essence is fundamentally human, and that technology without aesthetics does not interest anyone in the long run. The true language of commerce. after all it is the natural conversation between human beings.
Carl William Brown

Whatever you do remember that our Daimon Club Organization for sure can do something for you, and of course, together we can do a lot more, supporting what is now the great world of free voluntary associations, ethical finance and third sector non-profit organizations. In fact you can decide to become our sponsors or work with us through some partnerships that can result in good conventions and great mutual advantages. Therefore do not miss another chance to make your business grow and to improve our wonderful planet. Join us! Visit our Daimon Club Organization and don’t forget to keep in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms!

Our Organization is also a promotional and social no-profit entity which aims to promote all the different artistic and social activities operating on the web. This space also aims to become a powerful and complete guide to the best websites showed in Internet. At the same time its goal is that of promoting and stimulating those subject such as art, graphics, photography, literature, poetry, and with them the creative force of imagination, in order to build a nice, amusing and beautiful place.

So the mystery is unravelled, in this site every navigator of the web who has its own address will be able to join us with one of his banners, and so he/she will be able to get more contacts and hits. Doing this way popularity will increase and his/her website will greatly increase the traffic obtaining always more and more visits. Simultaneously each member will be hosted in a place which he himself will have also contributed to develop. This website will then be publicized through the different spiders, the different guides, the various associations, the numerous newsgroups and most of all through the different sites of all its members and through the several hundred pages of the Daimon Network.

Please support us!

Daimon directory project is an international world wide great brand marketing idea powered by Carl William Brown and the Daimon Club Organization to support, foster and spread the original spirit of the Daimon creative meaning. 

When towards the end of 1997 Carl William Brown registered the first few pages of the Daimon Club website in the main search engines the term Daimon did not appear becuase as a matter of fact it was unknown. Therefore, digitally speaking, it was our association that has had the privilege of inaugurating what would soon have become a real phenomenon. Try to type today on the most famous Internet spider the word Daimon, or Daimon Club and you will immediately realize the real development of the trend.
Carl William Brown

The concept of Daimon is also strongly connected with the meaning of Aristotle’s Eudaimonia, that is to find your inner passion and develop it in a good manner without any excess to live in a virtuous happy way.
Carl William Brown

We don’t exclude either to promote it through the traditional media that is, radios, televisions, magazines and newspapers. Doing like this I bet that all its members will become very famous and popular in a very short time! So why don’t cooperate with us, it’s easy, it’s funny, and what’s more it’s a powerful and reciprocal means of promoting and sponsoring our activities.  See you soon then, and don’t forget to visit us!


Carl William Brown and the Managing Crew of the International Daimon Club Organization are eager to point out that our main and only fundamental SPONSOR is STUPIDITY at large in all her great, divine and sublime manifestations. Without her powerful and everlasting MAJESTY it’s clear that we couldn’t even exist so there are no doubts about the topic kernel of the matter.

Since “Stultorum infinitus est numerus” and we perfectly know that the supreme deity is boundless therefore we solemnly declare that we are honored, pleased and fully satisfied of accepting every kind of any other valuable and reliable promotion, sponsorship or publicity, also because we are deeply aware that we can profit much more watching different idiots than listening to learned and scholarly marketing professionals.


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