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The Italian Constitution and the Dead Neapolitan Man

The Italian Constitution and the Dead Neapolitan Man

The Italian Constitution
The Italian Constitution

Art. 47  (47 ‘O muorto. Il morto. Dead man. From the Italian Neapolitan Smorfia)

The Republic encourages and safeguards savings in all forms. It regulates, co-ordinates and oversees the operation of credit. The Republic promotes house and farm ownership and direct and indirect shareholding in the main national enterprises through the use of private savings.

So if you stupid Italian people are not saving enough money, you are not respecting the Constitution. Shame on You!!

What’s more, if you can’t save money it means that you are not working at all, and once again you are not observing the Italian Banana Republic Constitution, because the First article of that banal literary and pseudo political document  recites: “Italy is a democratic Republic founded on labour”.

Or perhaps you are telling me that you work but you don’t earn enough money to save something for the banks to fuck you, also because you have to pay interests for loans and mortgages, always to the Banks whose main mission is that of cheating you, not to talk then of the constant increasing cost of living, of taxes and of your enormous national debt. But my dear friends, I thought you Italian people were so smart and brilliant, you invented the banking system and services, and you are the descendants of the famous Romans, those of the Greatest World Empire in the history of mankind.

Ok, I see, now times have changed and you poor Italians are the people with the lowest wages in Europe and so I agree with you that it is not so easy to save money in order to live better and respect your stupid Constitution, but then why don’t you change it, and write a more serious and realistic piece of text.

Come on, you can do it; oh, naturally to do all these improvements perhaps you also need to change your greedy and unable politicians, yes certainly, the noble men who wrote that remarkable Consititution and that later on went on fucking you all the time, again and again, through innumerable political parties and different religious and charitable governments.

You should know them, but perhaps you are too proud to complaint about bad bureaucrats and unfavorable business situations and you lack the necessary strenght, intelligence and pragmatism to change your fate and of course your political, economic, religious and industrial culture and consequently your poor and ineffective competitiveness. 

Carl William Brown