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Pernicious Putrid Portrait

Pernicious Putrid Portrait

Pernicious Putrid Portrait
Pernicious Putrid Portrait

Pernicious Putrid portrait, a full and complete description of the Russian dictator with all his evil features in order to understand the causes of human stupidity and therefore the reasons of the Russia Ukraine war.

Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.
Mahatma Gandhi

If you live long enough, you’ll see that every victory turns into a defeat.
Simone de Beauvoir

Tolstoy said that if you feel pain, you’re alive, and if you feel other people’s pain, you’re a human being; otherwise you’re the present Putrid president of the Russian confederation.
Carl William Brown

I suggest to change the name of the stupid, ferocious, fierce, savage, vicious, wild, grim, murderous and shitty russian president, from now on he will be called Mister Putrid!
Carl William Brown

The putrid president of the great Russian nation has always had the presumption of wanting to enter the history of human stupidity, and unfortunately we must say that he is succeeding.
Carl William Brown

Don’t trust the putrid, he’s a filthy and disgusting warmonger, people like him will only find peace when they’re dead.
Carl William Brown

The destructive forces of humanity are directly proportional to the scientific, technological, sociological, economic, political and military capabilities of its imbecility.
Carl William Brown

Insisting on calling Tsar, the miserable Putrid, clearly highlights the slavish imbecility of many journalists around the world, and certainly makes them more morons than what the great Shakespeare would rightly have called, “a poor capocchia”.
Carl William Brown

Putrid half skull portrait
Putrid half skull portrait

The reward of sin is death. That’s hard. Si peccasse negamus, fallimur, et nulla est in nobis veritas. If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and there’s no truth in us.
Christopher Marlowe

They insist on not calling the Russian president by his real name, that is Putrid, furthermore Russia has not been expelled from the G20 or the UN, which means only one thing, the whole world is complicit in this criminal war against Ukraine, testifying to the fact that on this planet, already defined by Voltaire as the toilet of the universe, the stupid cruelty, the nefarious indifference, and the greedy ignorance of the economy, still reign unchallenged, leading us more and more to believe that the human species would only deserve to disappear forever.
Carl William Brown

The proven proof that Putrid is a poor psychopath insane is that after unleashing a war against a nation of over 40 million inhabitants he complains about the falsehood of the western world and its aggressiveness. But Hitler wasn’t that stupid either! Furthermore, Hitler was even nicer, he played an evil character and therefore basically even seemed like an amusing parody of the devil, Putrid on the contrary has the face of a harmless country pig, but on the contrary he is the devil himself.
Carl William Brown

Vladimir Putin is in thrall to a distinctive brand of Russian fascism, that is why his country is such a threat to Ukraine, the West and his own people. Ivan Ilyin was a Russian philosopher who praised Mussolini and Hitler; for Putin, it somehow makes him a “true Russian patriot.”

What matters most in Moscow these days is what is missing. Nobody speaks openly of the war in Ukraine. The word is banned and talk is dangerous. The only trace of the fighting going on 1,000km to the south is advertising hoardings covered with portraits of heroic soldiers. And yet Russia is in the midst of a war.

Russian Nobel Peace Prize laureate Yan Rachinsky blasted President Vladimir Putin’s “insane and criminal” war on Ukraine in his acceptance speech in the Norwegian capital Oslo on Saturday.
Rachinsky, from Russia’s human rights organization Memorial, claimed resistance to Russia is known as “fascism” under Putin, adding this has become “the ideological justification for the insane and criminal war of aggression against Ukraine.”

Putrid war criminal
Putrid war criminal

Media images and reports about Russian’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine allege evils that includes blocking about 900 Ukrainian adults and children who were hiding in a cave so that they will be forced to starve to death, bombing hospitals that housed injured and sick children and infants, bombing many apartment buildings where innocent Ukrainian civilians live, blocking humanitarian aid to Ukrainians to force starvation and prevent medical aid, soldiers raping Ukrainian women, murdering more than a dozen journalists and injuring or torturing others, executing some hand-tied civilians and leaving their bodies in the streets. Also, since the conflict started in February this year, Media reports that Ukraine deaths in the conflict are 3,000 adults, 210 children; injuries more than 3,200 adults, more than 300 children.

As Norma Adams-Wade wrote, some researchers say Putin sees Ukraine as a threat because on some issues it favors the West which Putin views as no friend. He was an introverted child who became an icy, remote authoritarian adult. He earned a law degree in Leningrad (now St. Peterburg), Russian, worked as a KGB spy – Soviet secret police intelligence officer – before the USSR dissolved. He moved to Moscow and joined Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s administration in security leadership positions, was appointed Prime Minister in 1999 under Yeltsin and when Yeltsin resigned at the end of the year, Putin – whose growing popularity indicated he was heir apparent – was appointed acting president, soon won the presidential election, and remained president for eight years.

Some historians say Putin is obsessed with Russian history, including his own family roots there. They say his world view is sadly and bizarrely linked to Leningrad, Russia’s story-book, seemingly impossible victory over Germany at the end of WWII and how starving and freezing Soviets fighters doggedly refused to be defeated by Hitler’s invasion and in the end conquered Berlin. The impossible victory gave Soviet Russia hero status – an honor on which historians say Putin keeps an iron grip and clings to the fact that Russia and Ukraine both are former Soviet states.

He is KGB, an organization that killed tens of millions; that was long before Putin’s time, but still. He deprived Russia of free press – though it was indeed ruled by olygarchs, which were arguably worse than him. Now his press fills the air with lies – something that IMHO does more harm to Russia than silence would, because I do believe that Russia has a case, he is just so bent on embellishing it, he looses credibility.

He is very populist, and, like populist politicians do all over the world, caters to the lowest common denominator. He is not the best out there, but not the worst. The media makes him sound so bad because they don’t want to speak of their fundamental and deep disagreements with Russian people; instead, they prefer to scapegoat him and speak about “Putin’s regime”. Make no mistake, it’s Russian people they are fighting. To the point where even the descendants of the old Russian nobility had finally sided up with Russian government against the West, for the first time in post-WWI history.

Putrid image of Hitler
Putrid image of Hitler

Putin the Poisoner has started an illegal war in Ukraine in order to steal its natural resources. He is killing women and children. His troops are targeting hospitals maternity homes, schools nurseries. The Russian government is agreeing safe routes out of Ukraine and the mining those routes or shelling them with artillery.

In the past he has contaminated the UK City of Salisbury in an attempt to kill a former double agent exchanged for a Russian spy. They lived but an innocent woman was killed by Novachok. A critic of Putin was murdered by GRU agents in London who contaminated his tea with Pulonium. Putin is making all, the mistakes of Hitler and Stalin. He doesn’t represent the people of Russia. He is the Don of dons in the Russian mafia.

I believe the ordinary people of Russia want peace. All the money being spent by countries all over the world stems from USSR thinking. Nato only exists only because the USSR and now Russia threaten nuclear war. It has never provided a threat as an aggressor to Russia. It is a defensive organisation. It hasn’t expanded eastwards. Countries that fear Russian aggression have asked to join Nato. Nato hasn’t canvassed them to join.

When you hear and see Russian President Vladimir Putin’s name in media and on the Web these days, he frequently is described as evil. For instance:

Author Bill Browder during TV interview about Freezing Order, his true story book about Putin’s exploits: “This guy is just evil…It’s hard for us to understand …this is evil on a level that’s just incomprehensible.”
Antonio Guterres, U. N. Secretary General on a recent Ukraine tour: “(This is) “simply evil. There’s no way a war can be acceptable in the 21st Century.”

Dennis Prager, radio talk show host discussing Putin: “This is as clear an act of evil as anyone can imagine.”
Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota): during a recent Senate hearing spoke of society’s current “war against evil.”

Clinical psychologist Dr. Brenda Wall said having to see media reports of horrendous devastation in Ukraine dredges up thoughts about similar violence to various cultures in history – the Holocaust, enslavement of African people, crisis at the Southern border, indigenous native Americans, Haitian migrants.

“Yes. Putin IS an evil man and power has corrupted him, “Dr. Wall said. “So much so that people hurting and dying has no meaning to him.”

Putrid evil war
Putrid evil war

Historian, educator, faith leader, and community activist Clarence Glover Jr. had a similar opinion. He defined evil as “the indiscriminate destruction of life, without remorse.” Does the term fit Putin?

“Certainly,” Glover stressed. “It’s because he’s killing people, adults and children, who are not able to defend themselves.”

Like Dr. Wall concerning evil, Glover also listed historical realities that he said could be labeled as evil: Adolph Hitler’s persecution of Jews, the 400 years of African enslavement, in America, the inequities of Jim Crow laws, the Native American “Trail of Tears” in the late 1830s. “All of these were evil, relative to the times when they happened,” Glover said.

And Dr. Sheron Patterson, the out-spoken senior pastor at Hamilton Park United Methodist Church, “The Park,” said this about evil: “To me, evil comes straight from the pit of hell,’ she said, not flinching. “Its total focus is to annihilate – with no conscious. It is not satisfied until it has killed, mangled… destroyed everything in its path. Does this description apply to Putin? That’s exactly who I was describing.”

He’s popular outside Russia too. Despite widespread belief in the servile Western media that Putin is “isolated”, a lot of countries were happy to invite him.

He’s macho. When he takes his photographer along in his “private” moments, it’s to show him wrestling tigers, petting leopards, landing large fish, wearing tough guy headgear, hurling people around the judo mat.

What do our leaders do in their photographed “private” moments? Golf. Even the false rumours about him are macho. Affairs with beautiful young women, not pedophilia or secret homosexuality. He’s got a real army. With air defences, fighter planes, modern tanks, tough special forces.

So a fun little air campaign won’t be possible. Besides, Russia hasn’t lost many wars, has it? And they never give up; just ask the Mongols. Nukes. Russia has them; they work: Bulava, Topol and Sineva. Meanwhile, in the USA not so much. He’s Russian. And Russians are all horrible. Except for Pussy Riot.

Putrid lurid portrait
Putrid lurid portrait

But there are also a lot of negative aspects. Presidential Secretary Dmitry Peskov was recently asked what are Russia’s achievements in the last 20 years. He said, and I quote: “… … …” Nothing. Nada. You are probably all familiar with kremlebots’ playbook about how Putin pulled the country out of devastation wrought by “liberals” in the 1990s and brought prosperity to millions with his iron fist.

Let me present you with an alternative narrative that is gaining some very serious traction with Russian people. The list is much longer than can fit in this answer. It took the Soviet Union only 16 years to send the first man into space after the end of World War II.

In 20 years, Russia hasn’t learned to design its own computer, a machine tool, pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment and much more. Local factories have been shut down, and giant Western groups like VW, Citroen, BMW, KIA., etc. have opened factories in their place with ownership, management and technology coming from overseas. The profits are split between the Western corporations, oligarchs and officials.

The national currency, the ruble, has jumped from 28.16 to 74.02 against USD with prices rising accordingly, while wages stagnated, as more money hasn’t been printed, possibly to avoid a runaway hyperinflation. Pump price for gas rose by 483% (from 7.2 to 42). In case you didn’t know, most of Russia’s revenues come from exporting crude oil. The number of officials quintupled: from 485,566 to 2.4 million.

The population of Russia is roughly the same as 20 years ago, while millions of migrants have received citizenship in that period of time. At least 150,000 citizens, many of whom with excellent education and sellable skills, leave the country for good each year. What’s more, Russia spends more budget money on defence than on education and healthcare combined.

The number of hospitals fell by 50% (from 10,700 to 5,300). This actually points out to a logical conclusion that the population of Russia is much smaller than officially claimed. The number of schools fell by 21% (from 68,100 to 41,349). This highlights the fact that most of the country has seen decline in population. People migrate to bigger cities and towns in search of work where they overwhelm the existing schools. The quality of education inevitably suffers.

At the same time, the number of Orthodox churches had doubled from 19,000 to 38,649, while the level of religiosity in the population hasn’t risen. Why are they building more churches, then? Because Russian Orthodox Church is a state corporation that exists for the sole objective of making its stakeholders and top management wealthy, which has been proven by photos and videos of high-flying lifestyle of thousands of priests.

According to just two polls: median salary is 15k/month or $200/month, and a third of the population don’t have enough money to buy footwear for all members of the family. When asked to comment, Putin claimed that 17k a month is a middle class salary.

At the same time, Russia is on the 3rd place in the world by the number of billionaires. The largest super-yachts and most expensive real estate in the world belong to Russian oligarchs.

Don’t listen to Kremlebots when they tell you Putin has built a country Russians want their children to live in. They don’t. They are just afraid to change things, because they are divided and there are three million law-enforcement officers, judges on the government payroll and hundreds of penal colonies from hell.

Putrid with Hitler
Putrid with Hitler

And last but not least, here you are a Putrid Portrait by Valery Novodvorska

A sadist. A paranoid psychopath with a delusion of greatness and overvalued ideas. Pathological liar. Self esteem is inadequate. Intelligence is low. His personality is deteriorating rapidly. Lives in a parallel world, detached from reality, completely out of touch with reality. He doesn’t understand her.

How people live, how they feel, what they dream of, why they suffer – a moral idiot cannot even imagine it. And he doesn’t want to… Having created an artificial, deafly intoxicated world around him, where he slowly, for years, boiled in a cauldron of his own lies and cave prejudices, he finally lost his mind as a result…

Not a conscience, there was never a conscience. Yes, he lacks compassion and empathy, yet he himself is very vulnerable and opinionated… He is unable to love. Very touching and vindictive, probably all the damage and desire to get hold of, to cause as much suffering as possible to everyone he reaches, stem from a childhood, where he was sick, invertebrates and endless exhaustion on the run…

Cowardly and deplorable. Eternal cowardice gave birth in him redundant, often senseless cruelty in actions and extreme, monstrous cynicism … His view of the world is that of an evil germ from a test tube. His mindset is proportional to the scale of his personality. He thinks narrowly, in a template, with settings and slogans. Judgments about the world and people are narrow and limited…

Like any tyrant, he is prone to mystifications, sacred meanings, symbolism. At the same time terribly complex, alienated, locked in and emotionally poor. Compensates for one’s inferiority complex in all areas of life by suppressing and destroying people…

His value system is bought, narrowed down to the primitive formula of “your own-stranger”, and is a set of ideological clichés: Russia Uber alles, the West – enemies and aliens; The people of Russia are potentially dangerous cattle that needs to be kept in control, periodically teasing with a gingerbread of national exclusivity; Power is the destiny of the chosen, the meaning of power is in it itself and personal enrichment.

However, the latter has long ceased to play any role and the manic ideas of the hegemon of the empire on Earth came to the forefront at any cost and by any means… Terry fodder of Stalin times with the psychology of a vertuha and a private executioner. Grey in everything, faceless, petty. He absorbed all the mocking misogyny of the office breed. Absolutely unscrupulous.

It has no established, more or less moral concepts, except for the zonal ones… Inside him, a stuffed teenager is hiding, and outside he is trying to keep a mask of his brutal, witty, man in the board. His vocabulary is stingy, his vocabulary is full of vulgar proverbs and criminal, police slang.

The opinion of him is very important to him from the outside, so he is inclined to posers and miserable, anecdotic machismo, like all complex people. It always turns out to be ridiculous and pathetic… You can see that it’s just a stretched larvae, and under it another one, and then also so to the very bottom, where in a blistering, black, malignant and disgusting slime, embracing the shaking knees with his hands, sits some bile, stuffed dwarf …

As a politician, he is hopeless and worthless, because he looks only to the past and is afraid of any changes as threats to his power. And the main thing is that he doesn’t know what change is, he doesn’t understand it… Politically infertile because we are obsessed with our limitless power.

Putrid female features
Putrid female features

Like a stalactite, he hangs alone in his dark cave and enjoys the dampness, darkness and echoes of the pain of millions of people tormented by him… Someone else is still trying to dig into his soul to figure something out there. And she is not there.

It just doesn’t. There’s a big nothing inside there… And when the absolute nothingness in the flesh receives unlimited power with a red button in its hands, we get what we see today…

He wanted to enter the history books, to become part of the great Russian epic, a perpetrator, and to enter as a banal war criminal who flew off the coils… He wants to be feared, to tremble in front of him, but all look at him with contempt and squeaky anticipation of his quick death. Hell is already looking at the clock. All set up and ready!

The authors that have contributed to this article information are: Carl William Brown, Norma Adams-Wade, Margaret Vice, Tony Bartlett, Misha Firer, and Valery Novodvorska.

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