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Video galleries for education and entertainment thanks to Youtube and English-culture blog. Pedagogical benefits of video watching in education and entertainment.

There are many benefits to using video in education as shown in several decades of research. Salman Khan in ‘Let’s use video to reinvent education‘ describes the transformative way video can impact on teaching and learning and encourages teachers to consider the flipped classroom model where learners can digest lecture content at their pace and explore content more deeply during class time.

Shepard and Cooper (1982) and Mayer and Gallini (1990) made the connection between visual clues, the memory process, and the recall of new knowledge. Allam (2006) observes that the creative challenge of using moving images and sound to communicate a topic indeed engaging and insightful, but adds that it also enables students to acquire a range of transferable skills in addition to filmmaking itself. These include research skills, collaborative working, problem solving, technology, and organisational skills. (Bijnens, N.D.)

Assisting with mastery learning

In some cases, video can be as good as an instructor in communicating facts or demonstrating procedures to assist in mastery learning where a student can view complex clinical or mechanical procedures as many times as they need to. Furthermore, the interactive features of modern web-based media players can be used to promote ‘active viewing’ approaches with students (Galbraith, 2004).

Inspiring and engaging students

More recently, Willmot et al (2012) show that there is strong evidence that digital video reporting can inspire and engage students when incorporated into student-centred learning activities through:

increased student motivation; enhanced learning experience; get higher marks; deeper learning of the subject; development of learner autonomy;
enhanced team working and communication skills; a source of evidence relating to skills for interviews; learning resources for future cohorts to use;
opportunities for staff development;

Authentic learning opportunities

The work of Kearney and colleagues show the benefits of using video to produce authentic learning opportunities for students (Kearney and Campbell 2010; Kearney and Schuck, 2006), and how ‘ivideos’ encourage academic rigour from an advocacy, research based perspective.

Watch other videos about learning and why education is so important for our lives! But first you can watch “Let’s use video to reinvent education” by Salman Khan. Otherwise you can watch some extremely wonderful videos for your wellness and your global health, starting to learn and practice yoga with an amazing and very nice teacher, that is with Sjana Elise Earp. And then, last but not least, since it is very important for a good living to follow this old latin proverb: “mente sana, in corpore sano”, that is “healthy mind in healthy body”, you can watch these videos about good and easy food! What’s more, to learn or to improve your knowledge of the English and American languages you can follow this link and watch other interesting videos about English lessons!

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